quinta-feira, 18 de julho de 2013

Perto de concluir a leitura do monumental

Sources of the Self, de Charles Taylor (a sua Era Secular está traduzida para português), quero deixar-vos um excerto que talvez vos interesse: "There are strong continuities from the Romantic period, through the Symbolists and many strands of what was loosely called 'modernism', right up to the present day. What remains central is the
notion of the work of art as issuing from or realizing an 'epiphany'... there are tow different ways in which a work can bring about ... an epiphany ... In the first, dominated by the Romantics, the work does portray something ... in such a way as to show some greater spiritual reality or significance shining through it. The poetry of Wordsworth or the paintings of Constable and Friedrich exemplify this pattern. In the second, which is dominant in the twentieth century ... the locus of epiphany has shifted to within the work itself." (p. 419)

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