quarta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2015

Sobre Keith Douglas (1920-1944),

morto durante a II Guerra Mundial, escreveu, com a inteligência e a sensibilidade que lhe eram características, Ted Hughes: "He has not simply added poems to poetry, or evolved a sophistication. He is a renovador of language. It is not that he uses words in jolting combinations, or with titanic extravagance, or curious precision. His triumph lies in the way he renews the simplicity of ordinary talk, and he does so by infusing every word with a burning exploratory freshness of mind - partly exhilaration at speaking the forbidden thing, partly sheer casual ease of penetration. The music that goes along with this, the unresting variety of intonation and movement within his patterns, is the natural path of much confident, candid thinking..."

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