quarta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2015

Edwin Muir, a propósito de uma Anunciação:

"I remember stopping for a long time one day to look at a little plaque on the wall of a house in the Via degli Artisti [Rome], representing the Annunciation. An angel and a young girl, their bodies inclined towards each other, their knees bent as if they were overcome by love, 'tutto tremante', gazed upon each other like Dante's pair; and that representation of a human love so intense that it could not reach farther seemed the perfect earthly symbol of the love that passes understanding. A religion that dared to show forth such a mystery for everyone to see would have shocked the congregations of the north, would have seemed a sort of blasphemy, perhaps even an indecency. But here it was publicly shown, as Christ showed himself on the earth. That these images should appear everywhere, reminding everyone of the Incarnation, seemed to me natural and right ... This open declaration was to me the very mark of Christianity, distinguishing it from the older religions."

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