quarta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2015

Quando um bom poeta é também um crítico arguto (e generoso):

Siegfried Sassoon (fardado na imagem) a propósito da poesia de Isaac Rosenberg (o óleo), um dos poetas que não sobreviveu à I Guerra Mundial: "In reading and re-reading these poems I have been strongly impressed by their depth and integrity. I have found a sensitive and vigorous mind energetically interested in experimenting with language and I have recognized in Rosenberg a fruitful fusion between English and Hebrew culture. Behind all his poetry there is a radical quality - biblical and prophetic. Scriptural and sculptural are the epithets I would apply to him. His experiments were a strenuous effort for impassioned expression; his imagination had a sinewy and muscular aliveness; often he saw things in terms of sculpture, but he did not carve or chisel; he modelled words with fierce energy and aspiration, finding ecstasy in form, dreaming in grandeurs of superb light and deep shadow; his poetic visions are mostly in sombre colors and looming sculptural masses, molten and amply wrought."

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