segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2018

(Turner) Um apontamento

de Andrew Graham-Dixon a propósito das aguarelas feitas por Turner aquando da sua estadia na mansão do patrono das artes George O'Brien Wyndham em Petworth: "The watercolours he painted during hi several visits to Petworth amount to a diary of the house. They are full of enigmatic details which, filtered through Turner, combine the mundane with the phantasmal. An unmade bed, no one in it, becomes a scarlet apparition of sensuality, sexiness transmuted into sheer, heavy color. Billiard players [primeira imagem] loom as black and strange silhouettes out of a sunburst of light and color. To look through Turner's painted journal is to see him suddenly and marvelously accelerate towards the brilliance of his maturity. (...) Many of his Petworth works are watercolours, and this marks the moment when he realized that the watercolour was central to his art, not a peripheral, minor form of as it was generally regarded at the time. He began to import the effects of watercolour into oil painting, a process which reached its first fluid climax in a large oil painting called Interior at Petworth [segunda imagem]." (Andrew Graham-Dixon, A History of British Art)

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