terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2011

Ler Shakespeare para melhor compreender "o hoje"

é a inevitabilidade que sinto ao reler (treler, quadriler, talvez, devido a um projecto - como hoje se diz - em que estou a trabalhar desde há algum tempo) Shakespeare, The Thinker, the Tony Nuttall [não confundir com narrativas dos Joy Division].
Ei-lo a propósito do absolutismo, de Charles I e de Richard II, com a devida convocação de Margaret Thatcher e de Tony Blair (podeis também ter em mente gente mais próxima de nós no espaço e no tempo):
"... in the sixteenth century monarchies increasingly freed themselves of ultimate dependence on the consenting will of the people in the great drift towards absolutism (an absolutism that was perhaps anticipated, momentarily and freakishly, by the real Richard II). This movement reached its climax after Shakespeare's death in the divine right of kings asserted by Charles I. The string gradually until it snapped; Charles died on the scaffold. In my lifetime I have watched the governments of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair edge, inch by inch, away from parliamentary democracy towards a less fettered exercise of power. Sometimes the people themselves seem simply to lose interest; the day may yet come when hardly anyone will want to vote any more. One Karl Popper's "paradoxes of democracy" was conveyed by the question, "What is one to do when the demos, the people, freely decides to resign its power to a despot?" When I first encountered this question I saw it as the bizarre thought-experiment of a closeted theoretician, despite Popper's insistence that such things had really happened. Then, on a day when I was wandering round the Reichstag in Berlin it dawned on me that there was a day in the twentieth-century European society history when a society did exactly this."
Para quem, como eu, se delicia a reler Shakespeare com a ajuda de Harold Bloom, então não deve perder este livro que há quatro anos tanta polémica gerou, e que levou o próprio Bloom a exclamar: "Tony Nuttall is my hero!"
Mine too!
Boa semana!
Boas leituras!

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